With the guidance of professional photographers, our four workshops films teach the positive link between photography and mental health. Each workshop is accompanied with a task that will encourage the practice of smartphone photography as a mindful technique.

Workshop 1 Rankin Promo

Workshop 2 Rankin

World-renowned photographer, Rankin, introduces mind-mapping and discusses how photography images can have a direct emotional impact.

Complete Rankin’s task: look through his ARCHIVE HERE select the photos that leave you with a strong feeling and share these images and emotions with us.
@showandtellphoto  #showandtellphoto

Workshop Film 2: Emma Hardy

With a focus on practical photography tips, Emma Hardy encourages children to focus their lens on the detail and live in the moment to create thought-provoking pictures.

Complete Emma’s task and share your images with us
@showandtellphoto  #showandtellphoto

Workshop 3: Francis Augusto

Francis shares his top tips for taking beautiful portrait images with a camera phone – with his brother Samuel, we learn how to use lighting to photograph different emotions.

Complete Francis’ task and share your images with us
@showandtellphoto  #showandtellphoto

Workshop 4: Daniel Regan

Daniel Regan takes us on a walk through the woods, his creative exercises will inspire children to use their own personal experiences and feelings to take emotive photographs.

Complete Daniel’s task and share your images with us
@showandtellphoto  #showandtellphoto