Out Of The Darkness Anna Leonte Copy

As she was going through depression and eating disorders, Anyaa would take long baths everyday. The warmth of the water on her skin and the quietude of the space would reassure her. Only in these moments would she feel comfortable with her body and with herself. A soothing retreat from the darkness she was experiencing.

Years later, her path to recovery would be a tortuous and trying journey from darkness to light.

“Sometimes you feel fine, you think your darkest days are behind you. But the next morning you wake up feeling trapped again. It’s a very long journey during which you’re on your own. Yes, it helps to have people by your side because the feeling of being loved is the only thing that can really take you out of the darkness. But you have to accept and believe in the idea of being loved, in order to start loving yourself. This is the hardest yet most powerful step to recovery.”
Photographer: Photographer: Anna Leonte
Title: Anyaa