Aronsuveg Print 50x70

“This shot was inspired by a picture my son took of me sleeping on my office sofa in the late morning. I also have an urban mental health problem; night shift. I always loved to live and work during the nights. Definitely, I’m partying way less since I’m a father, but I’m still working everyday until 3-4am and sleeping long in the mornings. In the last few years it started to frustrate me. I’m losing a lot from the days; important hours in work and with the kids. But I couldn’t really change, or only slowly. I try to make rules, but I’m still fighting with my insomnia and wasted brain in the mornings. When I made this shot, I was a bit ashamed about what my kids are thinking about this/me. Do they see me as a wasted person who sleeps always or is it normal for them as I’m used to it also. I know I’m working 10-12 hours a day and we’ve got a perfect relationship, etc, but in other case I would like to change that because I know it’s not normal. By the way, I don’t like to be normal.”
Photographer: Aron Süveg