Meet Danilo, 19 from Enchanted Farm, Bulacan.

Danilo’s family moved to the capital in search of a better life but personal problems within his family compounded by the serious illness to his brother, the loss of his sister to Leukaemia and the destruction of their home by a Typhoon, meant they relocated to Enchanted Farm, Bulacan.

Danilo arrived severely malnourished, with a grieving family. Intellectually undeveloped, he overcame initial setbacks to become one of the highest achievers in his group. Uncovering a level of intelligence that had been hindered by tragic circumstance.

To begin from this tragic start would be a test of anyone’s character. His humble nature perhaps overlooks the inspiration that he himself emulates. To be able to have the strength to accept and move on through unfathomable injustice is a strong mind. I have no reason not to believe that he won’t fulfil his dream to become a lawyer; “to help people like me be brought out of poverty”. His head appears just too strong and heart too big for him to stop believing in himself… which already is helping others to do the same.
Photographer: Richard Rigby