We are very grateful for the support from our sponsor Cisco Webex and all the Show and Tell partners; Mental Health UK, EyeEm, Constance and Getty Images.




Cisco UK is proud and honoured to support the Show and Tell project. It’s about using technology for the mental health and wellbeing of young people, and for the good of the community – two things we are passionate about at Cisco. If our involvement has helped young adults in the UK to feel better about themselves or their situation, then we are thrilled to have sponsored this program.



Mental Health UK is delighted to partner with the Show and Tell project. By taking part in a positive and creative activity such as photography, young people can help to build their confidence and reduce feelings of anxiety. We look forward to seeing all the images that will come out of this exciting project.



At a time when honest conversations and creative exploration have never been more critical, we are honoured to the fuel the Show and Tell initiative with a digital space where emerging photography talent can openly share their unique perspectives on the topic of mental health.



Constance are proud to have built a truly modern response to mental health in collaboration with The Photography Movement. At a time when it’s needed most, Show and Tell is a creative and positive impact campaign that delivers long-term benefits for young people.



As a supporter of The Photography Movement since it’s inception, Getty Images are once again delighted to be involved with the ground-breaking Show and Tell initiative helping kids from 11 to 18 to take better photos and share their stories.