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How Are You Feeling?

Mindful photography skills… emotions brought to life… thousands of extraordinary words and images: it all adds up to a picture of how it feels to be young today.


Open to all 7-18 year olds across the UK – share your #MyPhotoMyFeeling with us in three easy steps below:


Ava, Age 17, Doncaster

1. Say it

Take a moment to tune in to how you’re feeling and select the word(s) that best describe it.

2. Shoot it

Find something around you that can express this emotion, find the right angle and take a photograph (you can use anything from your phone to a professional camera).

3. Share it

Upload your image labelled with the emotion you’re expressing.

Submissions will open through our exhibition partner Untitled from the 6thDecember 2021 – 13th January 2022.


Max, Age 18, West Sussex

That's in

A selection of photos will be chosen by our judges for the Show and Tell exhibition and national billboard campaign.

If you feel like it, you can also post it on social media with the hashtag #MyPhotoMyFeeling