The Photography Movement

Charlie Clift – Let’s Talk

30th November – 13th December

Exposure Gallery, 22–23 Little Portland St, London W1W 8BU

Let’s Talk

The fifth and final exhibition from The Photography Movement, Canon and Exposure Gallery series. ‘Let’s Talk’ is a national campaign that aims to spark millions of conversations about mental health. By drawing people’s most difficult and intimate thoughts on their faces, photographer Charlie Clift and lettering artist Kate Forrester hope to inspire others to speak up.

A selection of the prints exhibited at the Exposure Gallery will be available for purchase with proceeds going to our charity partner, Mental Health UK. Please visit and we thank you for your generosity.

Charlie Clift is a photographer who loves telling people’s stories. He has worked for The Sunday Times Magazine, BAFTA, GQ and Wired among others, as well as continually creating his own art projects. He has struggled with depression. By opening up and talking to people he was able to seek help and get back on his own feet. He says “for the first six months I just stayed inside and ignored the world. I was then given a camera by my parents. Photography got me out of the house and got me back talking to people.” He hopes this project can be a way of using his photography to help others who have mental health difficulties.

Kate Forrester is a lettering artist passionate about helping people with mental health difficulties. Several of her close friends and family members have struggled with their mental health and continue to do so. She feels that using her work to interpret these conversations will reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and give people the confidence to seek help. Kate is a freelance illustrator who specialises in hand lettering of all kinds. Kate’s flowing, hand written scripts and hand-crafted illustrations have adorned chocolate bars, giant walls, book covers, HGVs, and several billboards. But this is the first time she has painted on faces…

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