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Brought to you by The Photography Movement and Cisco, Show and Tell spotlights the all-important topic of mental health in the young, asking the simple but often overlooked question; How are you feeling?




how are you feeling?

Picture this: 1.4 trillion digital images will be taken in 2020 – most of them on our phones – but when we pick up a camera, do we know that we can use it as a powerful tool to support our mental health? We’re here to open up that conversation by encouraging the young to start using photography as a mindful practice.

We’re proud to have teamed up with world-leading photographers to create four workshop films which are freely available online. Designed for 11-18 year olds, the Show and Tell workshops and accompanying tasks are teaching children all over the country photography techniques to support their mental wellbeing.

Children across the UK were invited to practice their new skills and submit their images for the Show and Tell exhibition, titled: How Are You Feeling? For launch in February 2021, the exhibition will faithfully represent the emotions and experiences of young people today